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SuperBox S3 Pro Review

Apr 18,2023 | Superbox Media

Nowadays the word streaming is so popular. Streaming contents like TV shows, movies, was never this easy. And we’ll show you what product lets you do this. Here in our SuperBox S3 Pro review.

S3 Pro is one of the best streaming TV boxes that you can buy right now and I will explain why. The first thing is that it’s made by a trusted name in the industry. Throughout the years, SuperBox always aimed to provide a top-notch TV watching experience. And with the Superbox S3 Pro, it’s a huge step forward with integrated voice assist and other new features.

The product is one of the smoothest and most user-friendly Android TV boxes for your home streaming enjoyment. SuperBox makes the product affordable, easy to use and easy to set it up. Plus it also makes it easier for you to watch your favorite shows.

Let us see what all comes inside the box.


What’s inside the Box?


The front displays an image of the product, the company’s branding, and the unit’s name. The sides of the box contains the main features of the product.

Inside the box, everything is nicely arranged and organized. The box contains the SuperBox S3 Pro, a remote control, an HDMI cable, an AC adapter and a user guide.


SuperBox S3 Pro Review 


This SuperBox S3 Pro review will take a look at this streaming box’s design, style, and uses. S3 Pro is generally a smart voice control box that allows you to go hands-free with voice commands. The voice control feature lets you enjoy ultimate entertainment without bothering with surfing channels, films, or shows. This feature is available on S3 Pro only and not S2 Pro.

The new Bluetooth remote that comes with this S3 Pro has an AI system that’s built into it. With this, you can use your voice to control the TV box for easy usage.

SuperBox S3 Pro streaming box has a sleek rectangular shape plus dual 2T2R technology antennas along its rear. Plus, there’s also a LED clock in front of the product.

When it comes to the ports, the back of the SuperBox S3 Pro has a power input, audio inputs, as well as an HDMI that supports up to 6K @ 60 FPS. Not only that, but the product supports up to a hundred megabit Ethernet as well for wired connection.

To its right, you’ll see a MicroSD slot, two 3.0 and 2.0 ports, and the reset button.

S3 Pro has a newly designed remote control. This one supports both Bluetooth and infrared, plus it has a curved design on its rear. Additionally, it has a voice button for voice control functions and that is a pretty useful feature.


How SuperBox S3 Pro Works?


Using an HDMI port, you can link SuperBox S3 Pro to any TV set. Compared to Chrome Cast or the Fire Stick, this TV box comes with numerous functions that you’ll surely love.

It runs on Android Nougat (Android 9) but can be upgraded to higher versions. Continuing the SuperBox S3 Pro review, the operating system allows the product to connect to the Google Play Store. It’s where you can find a variety of useful apps like web browsers, music, games, and even video-on-demand apps.

You can link it to your home router via WiFi connection or Ethernet connector. We suggest that you set the router close to the TV box for a more stable connection.




This part of the SuperBox S3 Pro review focuses on the different specifications of the TV box. SuperBox made use of the Android 9 operating system for it, and a quad-core ARM Cortex A53 processor too.

It has a Mali-720MP2 GPU, 2GB DDR, a 32GB eMMC, and a 2T2R antenna with two transmitters and two receivers.

You’ll also see that it has a dual-band 2.4G + 5G WiFi and an RJ45 10/100M Ethernet. Then, there’s the Bluetooth 4.1, H.265 4K @ 60 FPS video decoder, and a DC 5V/2A power supply. When it comes to its dimensions, this streaming device measures 5 x 4 x 3 inches and weighs 1 pound.


SuperBox S3 Pro – Product Features



We’ll now discuss the primary features of the SuperBox S3 Pro.


New Interface and Hotkeys Function


The S3 Pro looks just like the S2 Pro, but it comes with a new interface, voice feature and some incredibly useful other function. Aside from your most used apps and browsers, you can also add your favorites as home screen shortcuts. Plus, the weather icon on the top-right corner shows the weather conditions in your location.


Pay Once and Say Goodbye to Monthly Bills


You only need to pay for the SuperBox S3 Pro once. It’s more convenient since you won’t have to worry about monthly cable bills.


Convenient Voice Control Function


To make finding channels and shows faster and easier, the SuperBox S3 Pro comes with a voice remote control for hands-free commands, and it doesn’t require downloading Google Assistant.


Over 1,000 HD Live Premium Channels and PPV


With SuperBox, you can watch local and high-ranking cable channels without a cable. These include live news (politics, sports, entertainment, and more), as well as TV shows.


Live Sports Packages in HD


Enjoy tons of sports channels in HD with SuperBox S3 Pro. Watch Sports Network, MLB, NBA, NCAAF, NHL, and more.


7 Days Playback


This feature never lets you miss the biggest news, most exciting episodes, and your favorite sports matches.


Brilliant Image Quality


SuperBox S3 Pro supports 4K and 6K Ultra HD resolution and HDR for clear and smooth images like never before.


Quick Setup


Simply plug the S3 Pro into your TV with an HDMI cable. Then, link to your WiFi or Ethernet connection. The setup process takes only five minutes. Once that’s done, you can enjoy watching all the shows, news, and movies from the available channels.


Works Around the World


Want to watch your favorite shows even when traveling? Don’t worry because no matter where you are, the SuperBox S3 Pro will work. Just make sure you have a TV and an internet connection and you’re all good.

Its compact design also makes it convenient to carry when traveling.





SuperBox S3 Pro Review – Conclusion


Streaming devices continues to become popular, resulting in more families replacing their cable subscriptions with it. But since this technology is still new, only a few offer the best, and SuperBox is one of these brands.

With SuperBox S3 Pro, you can enjoy its endless number of channels and excellent performance. From S1 Pro to S2 Pro to S3 Pro, SuperBox truly delivers only the best.


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