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How to program your Superbox Voice remote control?

Jul 24,2023 | Superbox Media

When you receive your Superbox S3 Pro, S4 Pro, there are a few steps that you can program your remote control and pair with your TV.

Step 1: Press the "OK" and synchronously for 8 seconds until LED flashes to enter pairing state.

Program your Superbox S3 Pro remote control | SuperboxTV

Tip: The remote control should be paired as the above two steps, and the pairing process takes about 15s. If pairing is failed:

1. please check if the remote control is too far away from the TV box;

2. or check if there is a problem with the battery or the remote control itself;

3. or please go to the "Bluetooth" of the System Settings to select RC-100 for pairing.

Step 2: Press the "OK" key.